Her eyes downcast

Her head hangs low

She bites her lip

To stop the flow

The flow of tears

The room so dim

She will not cry

Because of him

Now down the street

The two cross paths

He shouts to her

She waves and laughs

He'll never know

Exactly why

She's so glad to

Be recognized

She keeps busy

Stays occupied

In order to

Prevent her mind

From drifting off

To foolish thoughts

She knows better

Than to go on

About how she

Wants it to be

The moment when

She lets him see

How much she loves

His eyes on her

Her face so hot

It almost burns

The way he greets

Her with his eyes

She feels like she's

Been hypnotized

She prays and prays

That day will come

Her pointless love

Over and done

He'll walk with her

Not walk away

Oh how she prays

For that fine day

She lifts her head

Another dream

Some day she'll know

Just what it means

On go her shoes

She leaves her home

Feet hit the ground

She walks alone