"Sofia's Italian Spanking"
(F/f nc intense)


Sofia was eleven years old and lived in Naples, Italy. She had spent the summer with a new friend, named Valerio, and the boy was quite an awkward companion: usually calm and wise, Sofia had let Valerio lead her in dangerous games – such as climbing walls and trees – and in breaking curfew several times before. Her mother had had quite enough of her new attitude, and after four major infractions she was still being patient with her. The last time Sofia had been scolded and also got a couple of mild swats on her bottom to remind her what would happen if she ever broke a rule again.

But as we all know sometimes eleven-year-olds aren't really reasonable, and Sofia and Valerio stayed out long after Sofia's mom curfew. When they were back under the girl's house, they had just realised she was in for some punishment.

"Sofia! Come up here this instant!"

Valerio and Sofia looked up: the girl's mother stood at a second floor window, visibly irritated, a stern expression on her beautiful face.

"Yes, mamma," the child said.

"You can't go," said Valerio, suddenly worried for her friend. "Come at my place, you'll be safe there." As always, he was escaping his responsibilities: one sure thing is that he too needed some spanking.

She smiled shyly. "And then? I can't flee forever. I'm gonna get it worse when I eventually get back. Maybe now she'll go easy on me."

"She never will, you know that."

Again she nodded, but her smile had faded off. "Yeah."

"Sofia!" squealed the woman. "One more second and you're going to regret it!"


Her red flowered sundress was off the second she stepped into the house: her mother grabbed its hem and pulled it over Sofia's head, leaving the bewildered 11-year-old with white vest and pairing skimpy panties.

"Mom, I'm sorry!" she tried to protest, but to no avail.

"You should know better, Sofia. I didn't expect such a childish behaviour from you."

She dragged the begging girl down the hallway to her own bedroom, slapping the child's buttocks with each step, which caused Sofia to arch her back trying to avoid the blows. Her mother sat on the large two-poster bed she shared with her husband, and pulled her sorry daughter to her. The first tears were wetting Sofia's eyes now, and she was fully aware of what was coming. But as she had just told Valerio, there was no way out of that. Not without a sound thrashing, that is.

"I'll waste no time with the lectures, Sofia Valentina," her mom said, using her full name. "You know what you did and you know you deserve a beating for it, don't you?"

The girl nodded slowly, another tear escaping her deep black eyes.

"Fine, then. Let's get this started."

And with that she bent her daughter's slender body over her knees, letting the upper part of her body rest on the bedspread and leaving the legs dangling in the air. Sofia's vest was pulled up almost to her shoulders, revealing her well tanned back... Not as tanned as her ass is going to be, her mother thought to herself, and then she peeled down the child's panties down to her knees, revealing her creamy white bottom. She had what you call a perfect, round, bubble butt, absolutely made for smacking. And it had been smacked, in so many occasions nor mother nor daughter could remember.


The first blow landed on Sofia's right cheek, making the flesh jiggle with the impact.


Others soon followed, because the woman had always spanked hard and fast, never restraining herself, applying spank after stinging spank until the bottom was cherry red.


She hardly ever needed a hairbrush or a belt: her hand would do just fine. She had seen her first husband, Sofia's father, use a thick leather belt on her when she was eight, and ten lashes with that had the child bawling like the toddler she was, but she wasn't willing to try that again.


Not that she thought it was too much of a harsh disciplining method – Sofia needed all she could take – but she'd always been able to drive the message through with a sound hand spanking.


The strength of the blows increased, and so did the tempo. Sofia cried her eyes out as her poor derriere was peppered good, clenching the bedclothes in her fists and kicking her legs madly. Her white panties had reached her ankles, and now they were being kicked off. That left the child naked from the shoulders down, a well-punished 11-year-old just getting her share of spanking.


On and on it went, when finally, after another two dozens hearty smacks, Sofia's mother stopped and admired her handiwork. Her preteen daughter's bottom was red all over, with several handprints crossing here and there in a whitish pattern. Some areas had been spanked more, and showed the first signs of purple welts, while others had been relatively spared. Sofia's thighs were definitely not among those, and the little girl would find it very hard to sit down for the rest of the afternoon.

"You may stand," the woman said, and the child immediately obeyed.

All she wanted was to rub some of that awful sting off her bottom, and she massaged it heartily, not caring a bit about her modesty.

"You just got what you deserved, Sofia, remember that," her mother said.

"Yes, mamma," said the crying girl.

"Now you'll be standing in the corner until dad arrives, and then we'll see if he's satisfied of the punishment you've received."

That statement, which hid a threat for another spanking, made Sofia's cries even louder, and the child pleaded for mercy. The woman would have none of that, and led her daughter to her room's corner, taking off her vest on the way. With one more hearty SMACK!! to her naked bottom, she left the nude girl there and left the room.

Well, Valerio, Sofia thought to herself as she fought to keep her hands on her head, This is really your fault. I hope you're getting the same.


And he was...




The author is completely against the practice of non-consensual spanking applied to children and teenagers as a form of discipline: it is dangerous, violating and potentially abusive. All my stories are archived at http://www.geocities.com/haley_brimley/