If I only had a single day; to live, to laugh, to love
To experience life before being sent above
I would spend every last second, right by your side
Because you mean the most to me, I'd go for one last ride
A voyage to the sun maybe, or possibly the stars
But most likely anywhere, just inside your arms
I'd run a marathon, laughing the whole race
Just to see you smile, to held in an embrace
I would take the time to tell you, things I often don't
Like I appreciate your encouragement, when I say "I won't"
Your words always lift me up as far as I can go
And if you should leave me, I'd fall back down below
With you my world is magic, I find comfort and will
When I'm right beside you, the whole world stands still
Trapped inside the moment, lost within a song
Hiding from darkness, escaping the world's wrongs
In reality time keeps flowing, it passes by crystal clear
Approaching us now is the moment I most fear
It is time for us to separate, time to depart
With every memory stored away within my heart
Shoulders down, head held high, I try to be brave
Steadily walking onward, straight towards my grave
So here all alone, I have been put to rest
Hoping that my name will be remembered at the best
Questioning if they'll wonder, wishing that they'd care
Just enough to dream that with them I'd still be there
As sediments of time build up, layer after layer
Would anyone visit me with flowers or a prayer?
Or would I come back down, to walk around the earth?
Maybe I'd see then, to you what I was worth.
Leaving the stars, floating down from mist shrouds
Hurriedly searching, I'd find you gazing up at clouds
Before leaving you forever, I'd walk to you and whisper this
"I will love you always," and I'd blow a parting kiss