I took your picture,
And many more,
I keep them close,
It's you I adore.

I follow your footsteps,
Where ever you would be,
What ever corner you turned,
It's you I will to see.

I listen to your calls,
I tapped the line,
Your sweet, sweet voice,
It's you who sounds so fine.

I collect your things,
What ever you forget,
A string of hair maybe,
Photos of where we met.

I call you late, late at night,
Just to hear your tongue,
A soft 'hello', you sound so tired,
My heart you dear, have strung.

I think of you, I dream of you,
I kiss you in my fantasy,
It's a pity though, with what's happened,
It shall never be reality.

You see, I got jealous,
He didn't deserve you,
So I struck him cold,
He didn't love you to.

I can't handle a love triangle,
It never does work out,
So you're mine or never are,
Your minutes are out of count.

I can't live with my love,
If you never love me back,
You cannot be his or any others,
It's not of feeling that I lack.

So although I attended your funeral,
Although I watched you slowly die,
I watched you lay six feet down,
Looking into my loving eyes,

Although you are gone forever,
You are forever mine,
You saw me last, I held you last,
I kissed you before your time.

By Siobhan
Date: 19/April/2004