Your voice is all I think of,
Your smile and your scent,
The way you close your eyes,
The way you think I'm best.

Your face is all I see,
Your eyes, nose and lips,
Every detail I immerge in,
You're the only one I'd kiss.

Your fingers on my skin,
Trace lines as fine as silk,
The way our hands fit,
The way I truly felt.

Your cologne marks your clothes,
Makes it stay so real,
A scented memory box,
Which I shall forever seal.

The taste of your lips,
The pressure and heat,
The way it never stops,
The way our lips meet.

The way you hold my body,
My fingers through your hair,
Never let me go,
For I would never dare.

Just the way you are,
The way you captivate,
Kiss me softly,
And let it be fate.

By Siobhan
Date: 19/April/2004