AN: I have now come to the conclusion that I cannot walk to Bio without seeing some sexual act being committed (or worn). And all ask is. . . WHY ME?!


'Cause it makes stories.

Sex Ed.

"Come on, MOVE IT!" I screamed in my head. Late to Bio because of traffic in the hallway again, I scrambled underneath arms and dodged swinging elbows to finally surface in a spacious corner. I nearly had gotten in between two smooching freshman and a very "hands on" junior. I breathed a sigh of relief, only having to turn down the next corner and a walk a few feet to my class. I looked at the enormous mass of people creating and endless sea of bodies. I took a deep breathe and waded in to be taking by the strong current of hands and arms and legs.
After some severe bruising from the various kicks and punches thrown in the midst of the crowed, I again emerged in a vacant spot near my class. No one was here! YES!!! Smiling, I started to turn the corner when I saw a horribly revolting sight.
A highlighted haired, thong wearing, too tight jean wearing girl was HUMPING a six-foot jock that had the most. . . um. . . thrilled look on his face. Not only that, but her hand wasn't exactly the most appropriate place (well, for him maybe). To top it off, his hands were up her shirt fondling her most prominent feature(s).
I think I nearly died right there. As soon as they noticed there was another person on the planet, they immediately detached (I was surprised they could) and glared at me for ruining their "fun". I quickly walked to my Bio room, still in utter shock. I flopped into my seat and just stared at the blackboard.
What amazed me was I just saw those two earlier walking from Health class. They were studying Sex Ed.