One Wish
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Sometimes we all make certain wishes that never come true. This poem
was about one of my wishes. Enjoy. R&R

I can wish on a shooting star
But my wish will never come true
My wish was actually quite simple
Because all I wished for was you

I wished for someone perfect
Loyal, trustworthy, and taut
You are everything that I wished for
You're the only thing I want

I've made a wish almost every night
But my wishes never came true
I think that I've had enough of wishing
Enough of wishing for you

Why must I be constantly be denied
Tell me why am I denied your love
If wishes weren't made to come true
Why wish on the stars above

Should I give up on my foolish pursuits
To wish on stars is childish
Maybe I'm too old for such trivial things
Or maybe I'm in need of guidance

All I ask for is just one chance
To allow my dreams to come true
Please allow me one simple wish
And that's for the love of you.