Remember he's with her tonight
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's another angst filled poem. No comments really. Just enjoy the

I should forget everything we've shared
It's really all in the past
It was very foolish of me
To think this was going to last

As I dream of you tonight
She's holding you in her arms
As I fantasize about us together
She's putting on her charms

I think about you constantly
This feeling feels so right
But I must've forget what we had
Because she's with him tonight

As I dream about you holding me
Her arms are around your waist
As I long to pull you close
She's held in your embrace

As I pretend that you're with me
You're holding onto her tight
As I dream about you and me
She'll be with him tonight

As I dream about us holding hands
She's wearing your engagement ring
As I pretend that you're my prince
She vows that you're her king

I guess I should wake up from my dream
And really give up this fight
While I can only dream of him
She's with him every night.