He is perfection
Worth my affection
Worth smiles, worth dreams, my goal
My heart grows eager
My life seems meagre
Lacks care, lacks mind, lacks soul
A blink of his eye
How time does go by
Not stopping or standing still
Dream like fantasy
Life is misery
I have neither time nor will
He is perfection
Clear glass reflection
Not flawed or smudged or blurred
My mind grows hazy
I feel so lazy
And poor and ill and slurred
A brush of his hand
Could life be grand
Without tears of angels high?
End is tomorrow
I have no sorrow
I feel no pain, should I die?
He is perfection
But lacks direction
And mind and trust and care
Tricked so easily
He touches my knee
And wrist and neck and hair
The touch of his lip
My mind starts to slip
My hand grabs onto a ledge
I close my eyes tight
To fight the good fight
He pushed me over the edge
He is perfection
I need protection
From him from them from me
Much more than before
Know what I long for
To cry to feel to be
That touch on my wrist
Why must it persist?
Will it haunt me for my sin?
This blank that I find
Is there to remind
Of what should have never been.