Make Me

A glimpse of your eyes
A whiff of your skin
A stroke of your hand
I'm at your command
"Ok, let's begin"
It's such a surprise
I've longed to hear you
I've longed to see you
"Please will you make me?"
"Well, we'll have to see
Just what I can do"
I know it's taboo
You pull me so close
Yet you keep me far
And I hold you near
That's just out of fear
I know this will scar
Too much to expose
I wish I could scream
But I asked for this
And my throat is dry
And my eyes can't cry
This should be sheer bliss
I'm lost in a dream
After I fall asleep
The grey walls fade now
And I lose my grip
My tears start to slip
But I don't know how
But you'll never weep
The images dance
Through both of our minds
But mine are deep black
And colours they lack
It only reminds
Of your latest glance