The sky is orange and red
The world, it hurts my head
I need something to hold
I starve and yet I'm fed
I live and yet I'm dead
I need someone to mould
Into myself
A perfect self
With no tears and flaws
Just sharp teeth and claws
So that someone so mild
Could go and live in the wild
The sky is dark and grey
The pain won't go away
Fear will always see me
I leave and yet I stay
I work and yet I play
I will always agree
With a young mind
Not an old mind
Like me they would think
As they start to sink
Right straight under my tears
Always watched by my fears
The sky is blue and clear
My head, it starts to sneer
It's like I am morphing
I smile and yet I tear
I'm calm and yet I fear
I'm no longer dwarfing
I'm growing tall
But feeling small
We've waved our goodbye
We've had a good cry
You just had to leave me
And soon why you will see