Lumps Of Clay

I'll mould you great
I'll mould you high
I'll mould you so
You'll make me cry
I'll bend and twist
Refuse the truth
I'll break and smash
Deny my youth
I'll add others
That are like you
'Til it becomes
Something untrue
I'll cry about
The way you are
I'll scream and shout
Which is bizarre
Because it's me
Who formed you so
However fast
However slow
We both know I'm
The one to blame
But I'll cry your
Name all the same
I'll swear and lie
And cry "Why me?"
It's a great plan
You must agree
Oh, lumps of clay
I moulded you
I made you great
I made you new
I'll mould you 'til
The others see
And then they'll come
To worship me