Is That You?

There was someone in the crowd
I know I saw him there
I made my way up to his place
But, by then, he had moved on
And I know I'm not allowed
To scream out loud or stare
But I recognised that man's face
I still see it now he's gone
His skin was rough and battered
His eyes were always glazed
His hands looked older than they should
His lips were dry and flaking
His clothes looked worn and tattered
And then his eyebrow raised
And it was then I knew no good
Could come of this- I'm aching
To know- is it true?
There was someone in the crowd
I think he saw me too
I wonder if he knew my name
Or if his mind has forgot
That little fact like he vowed
And now he's out of view
I wonder if I was just a game
Or a memory he blot
His hands once rolled my heart's dice
And dealt the cards called love
But then he pushed me to one side
Packed it all into a box
Denial was always his vice
Or should I say one of
Our world's were never too collide
But just meet with lots of locks
And what will I do?
There was someone in the crowd
I had to go and check
If his mouth still had words to say
If his ears could still hear me
So I called his name aloud
I felt a nervous wreck
And I wonder if he would stay
But I thought he would just flee
And, once again, I was right
He glanced and then he ran
I knew I would have to sprint too
If I wished to hold his hand
So I chased for him with might
But suddenly he span
And my direction and chase he threw
In the cold I had to stand
He's not in my view
There was someone in the crowd
But now he's gone away
Someone looks at me and wonders
Why a tear runs down my face
But I think he must feel proud
When he makes my life turn grey
A storm comes, the Heaven thunders
But that's only in my place
He knows my face- I conclude
That there is one answer
I must have been his little toy
With emotions he could mask
And I feel my heart is nude
And my mind a dancer
So all my pain he can enjoy
Now my mind is left to ask
Just this- is that you?