One by one the circumstances waltz through her mind
And slowly but surely they seem to 'come entwined
Their black and blue transfers unto her fine skin
She grazing, softly grazing, from her within
Is it just so everybody can see
That she is in true pain- they must agree
The colours seep into her fingers
She looks at them- her gaze, it lingers
She'll close her eyes to block the pain
In this world where colours reign
She curls up into a ball
That's where she'll defy them all
So continues the dance
For a mind in a trance
So the tears trickle
Down a face fickle
As time moves on
All feeling gone
She's morphed again
Right through her brain
Her eyes cry true hate
And she can't think straight
Her body looks beaten
And her soul's been eaten
Her friends will all see that one
Thing has been slightly undone
Red's been added to the mixture
It's become a lasting fixture
Her face it smiles in a way so full
Maybe this will be the final pull?
The grazing has fully overtaken
And so now her will cannot be shaken
We'll never know why it won or even when
All we know is she'll never scream out again
And so that completes the story I'm telling you
This was the girl who started being black and blue