Beyond My Sanity

She's been beaten and she's close to death
So she crawls onto the jagged rocks
She prepares to take her final breath
Before on the grey man's door she knocks
All the hope is fading from her face
She's as pale as winter snow and stone
And she wonders if she is a disgrace
She knows her inside has never grown
She tries to move but she is failing
Her ribs feel smashed and her finger's broken
She regrets all that she's unveiling
And all the times she left unspoken
She looks like a deer fawn in the sun
When it's frazzled and can't continue
Except no one cares to see this one
Just leave her here down this avenue
I came across this ill young fawn
But I couldn't quench her fatal thirst
Although so open she was withdrawn
And my tears were just about to burst
She said her last gracious goodbye
Told me that she plead vanity
Then her last breath her lungs did supply
This leaves beyond my sanity