Like a never-ending heart that broke
So my soul begins to choke
I never thought about the unthinkable
I guess I had no reason
To feel that hate was in this season
Like history does track all mistakes
Part of my heart life re-takes
I wish that you had kept it safe and shielded
We never should have said that word
That way our ears could have never heard
Like a stone that's shaded from the sun
So my love has never won
I think I'll crawl back to the sheet-like snow now
Now leave me to tame the fire
With the blazing embers that now tire
Like rain clouds block the sweet sunlight
We'll never have that last fight
I cry because I won't hear you scream again
This was not to be forecasted
It's too late because the change has pasted
Like the lark who forgot her soft song
I feel like my voice has gone
I can not bear to speak the unspeakable
I stare down at the tattered Earth
And wonder what this pain must be worth
Like a greying plant will never bloom
So the dark begins to loom
I guess he over-heard the conversation
As light says it's last goodbye
I see so have you and so must I