Laced Up

Wrapped in purple velvet she heads towards the door
Still remember when she left-said she wanted more
Then her black sandal slipped upon the marble floor
And I ran to her side
But then she dealt me one final lingering look
It was then I knew I'd to let her off the hook
Out into the night our happiness she took
She ran to there to hide
Denied the society that treated her kind
Left to join idealists who had poisoned her mind
An acidic contract with freedom she has signed
I can't tell her to stop
In the beginning her eyes had a hopeful glow
She was the shining star of someone else's show
She was never left behind, was never too slow
I thought she'd never drop
Despite the tears that her comrades began to cry
Because they knew the very theory was a lie
She had to prove to us she was no longer shy
She thought she was a queen
We used to have her all tightly tied up in lace
We had to make sure she scampered with girly grace
We watched her close so that she'd never scar her face
That's how it should have been
She is the rebel they allowed to get too high
But her vivid views have tears though her eyes stay dry
And she will not allow the fatal dream to die
She's lost in day-lit dreams
Now she's a princess the world didn't get to know
Her peers took the only chance her soul had to grow
She's just another girl that freedom fighters owe
When they go to extremes
To the teenage textbook she tries herself to bind
But in the pages only hard lies she will find
Will she ever see that nobody else is blind?
She drinks from grey Death's cup
Today I touched that crinkled purple velvet gown
The one she wore before she jumped train and skipped town
I guess it's our fault as we used to tie her down
And now she's just laced up