Already can't stand it
Already dying
It just happened
But I'm already crying
It's broken me apart
For the 5 minutes since then
I'm already breaking
I'm almost all gone
My heart was hit with a hammer
And now it's done
It can't be mended
It can't be sealed
It's been shattered
It's all over
My porcelain heart has be broken
Too many pieces
To many shards
My shattered heart
Is breaking through
I hope you catch one
Keep onto a chip
Hold on to it forever
And remember that kiss
Remember me well
Remember me long
I'll never forget you
It was fragile already
One touch would break it
I cannot feel it
I cannot hear it
It's already done
I still love you
I still always will
But you think differently
My porcelain heart
Shattered once more
Fixed the last time
But this was the worst
And it lies on the floor
You can see it
You seem to care
Please pick up some
And remember I love you
I'll be there forever
I'll be there
Don't forget that
I'll have a shoulder
For you to cry on
Wherever we may end up
Just remember
The boy with the porcelain heart
That you once said you loved