…--; This first part was something I really did dream…creepy, ne? Actually, this whole story is about a 'what if' type….thing….

It Feels Like I Know Yuu


I don't…really know if I'm asleep… or not.

I'm in a black room…no doors, no windows, just black.

I'm in a weird uniform, not like my own from school. This uniform is a black skirt, instead of red. It has a black bow…instead of red. My shirts still white at least…

And…who's he? I asked him, but he doesn't answer.

It feels like I know you, whoever you are. It really feels like we've met. It feels like I know you…

But I've never met you before… who are you?

The boy is about 14. I'm almost 14…my birthdays in June… He has blackish blue hair; hair that is black at first and then under the light it's blue. It's covering one of his eyes, but he brushed it away. I didn't see what color that eye was; his other eye is green. He's wearing a black school uniform. He looks…

I stand up. "If you aren't going to talk to me, I'll go find a way out of here."

I walked about an inch past him, and he suddenly shoots his arm out and grabs mine.

"What are you doing?! Let go!" I don't fight him…it just goes against something inside of me. My will? My nature? Definitely not. When ever someone grabs me at school, I hit them.

Then I realize that water is filling the room. It's almost up to my ankles already.

"Hey, let go! Shouldn't we get out of here?" He still doesn't answer me.

The water's up to our necks now. Pretty soon we'll drown!

"Aren't you listening to me?!"

He still doesn't let go, and the water is rising faster. Now it's up to the top of our heads. I cover my mouth and nose with my free hand so no water gets in my lungs.

I can't hold my breath any more! I'm just gonna take a breath!

I take gasp, and surprisingly take in air. I'm sitting on the dirt…sitting? I never…

I look up and his hand is there, as if beckoning me to stand up. I take it, and he helps me up. He looks away, in front of him, and I realize we are at a funeral. There's a large hole in the ground and there's a coffin is being lowered into it.

A friend at camp did that once…she held my legs up for 50 seconds, and then lowered them slowly, and it felt like I was being put into the ground. She accidentally drops them, and it really feels like I was dropped six feet. It was an odd feeling…

I gasp when I realize who the little boy on the other side of the whole is. It's him, as a little boy…

At first I think it's his mother or father in the coffin, but I think that was them with him. He wasn't crying at all, though… It's like he's never had any emotions. Then or now.

He begins to walk off, and I ask, "Where are you going?"

Tch. Do you think he answered?

What the hell… I might as well, it's not like anyone here knows me…or will talk to me.

I follow him to the gates of the cemetery, it's been raining this whole time… He pushes open the gate, and stands in front of them. There's a highway beyond them, and he's beckoning me to walk. You've got to be kidding me; that roads busy as Hell right before the apocalypse!

"I'm not going if you're not!" I yell at him. He grabs my arm again. Jeez, just leave my arm alone!

He starts pulling me out, though he's walking. "Wait!" I protested, "There's too many cars! Stop!"

I don't really remember what happened after that…I think it was something about a busy sidewalk…maybe?

I'm awake now…I can't get back to sleep. All I keep thinking, is what I told my friend…

"Hair that blackish blue, you know like black in the dark but when light shines on it it's bluish?"

"Yeah. I know what you mean."

"And maybe green or violet eyes."


"Yeah, it's a really rare eye color."

"I didn't know that could be somebody's eye color!"

"What about you?"

"The perfect guy for me? Funny…" she begins

"Yeah, not serious. I know what you mean." We both laugh.

"Hmm…" I lay back down and try to fall asleep before my alarm goes off.

I have to tell her tomorrow. She's the only one that'll believe me!

By the way… my name is Kara. I've got brown hair, and blue eyes. Well, aqua actually. I like to say they're bluish green sometimes, and sometimes they are. I don't think they can make up their minds on what color they want to be.

When I'm surprised, they're blue. And when I'm sad or it's raining, they're blue-gray. And when I'm hungry they're more of a teal. Otherwise, they're aqua.

I'm only about 5' 1". I'm shorter than most of my other friends. So, my nickname is K-chan.

Almost all of the boys in my grade are too tall for my taste. Either that, or they're dumb asses, jerk asses, creepy, or they're taken.

I'm kinda mean sometimes, especially to younger kids in out school. If I'm talking to them and they're being a smart ass and not paying attention, I'll yell, "Hey you! You with the face! Yeah, you!" or "Child!" or something like that.

Well, I suppose I should tell my friend about this… 'dream.'