On the Verge of a Mental Breakdown (Fly)

Why do I feel this way?
Angry hurt and crushed.
Waterfalls streaming down my face,
Twisted with pain.
Let me go and fly far away from here.
No one to listen,
convinced no one understands.
Rage burns a mighty flame deep inside,
shut myself inside,
losing myself again.
I cannot hold on longer,
I've held on forever.
I need to let go.
Who will care?
The rope shortens as I go higher,
the drop isn't as bad as it seems.
At least I can fly.

Deep inside my heart is breaking,
my dreams are shaking,
and my spirit is aching.
Inside myself,
I must lose myself,
have to get away.

Tell me anything I don't care.
Tell me about love.
Its too far from me,
too complicated for me to understand,
to comprehend.
Let me dream cause I want to fly,
higher than the sky.

I need to get away from myself
got to get away to my own world.
I have a ticket to my little world.
All I need to do is fly.
Please leave me alone and let me die.
When I get away,
I can fly.
Fury is the fuel
tears are the flame.
Explodes deep inside.
Finally, I can get away from here,
from now, from all.
At last I can fly.