The darkness is consuming
The pain growing the more
Will it ever cease?
Will it ever slow?
I can't stand it
Wearing all black and walking in the middle of the road
Wanting to get hit
Waiting for a car
Crash and blood
It goes all over
The light isn't external
The light is trapped in
Save me!
Look out I'm here!
The more I'm in pain the more it's trapped
I just have to let go
I just have to breathe
You're still alive
You're still here
The light arises
My inside reflector
Let the light shine out
The pain is easing
The light is growing
My memory of you is more vivid
The light is brighter than ever
The truck sees me
It's coming to a stop
The plane is pulling up from a downward spiral
I'm safe from suicide
The darkness that once consumed me does not affect me at all anymore
As long as I remember you I have one weapon
The light within
You are my light
Without you I would be in complete darkness