You know when you're alone
There is no one to wipe away your tears
Sorrow echoes through the empty corridors of your soul
Love cannot hold you, you refuse it
In its grasp, you slip away into the faint shadows
Your heart is never healed
Scarred by never-ending hurt
Breathe in air, deep breaths
Cannot control your sadness
Alone, there is no one to comfort you
To say it's going to be alright
You know that it isn't and will never be
Pain and suffering is all you feel and know
Happiness is a stranger,
Knowledge is a toxin in your brain
Cry, Cry, alone one, ease your fear
Ease your dark spirit
Comfort your eternal agony,
Die, Die, alone one, forget your misery,
Open arms will welcome you
Guiding hands will lead you
Sigh, Sigh, alone one, all is well
No more torture, no more heartache, no more hate
Peace is your reward for all your distress, finally.
Fly, Fly, alone one, all is well
The sky is your home, the stars your friends,
No longer you will be alone.