Pretty Blue Eyes

Don't cry for me- I'll be gone soon
All I did was put you in pain
I watched you dance, I watched you laugh
It's not your job to entertain
Or treat me like your lost saviour
You are the only angel here
Always were and always will be
Trust me, please, I'm being sincere
Don't glare at me- I'll be gone soon
I treat you worse than you deserve
And yet you still smile sweetly on
I fear I must make you observe
All the times I ignored your cries
And played deaf to silent pleas
I was never a God for you
You will see that soon and with ease
Don't stare at me- I'll be gone soon
At last, I hear your sweet tongue swear
I thought your soul was too gentle
Or maybe a high force heard prayer
From my lips for you to treat me
In a way that I oft' treat you
With no respect, with plain neglect
Oh please let these new words ring true!
Don't gaze past me- I'll be back soon
Let's take back all that I just said
And wish that Time re-writes himself
It's your rejection I now dread
I could never leave your soft side
It was just all one big disguise
Now, angel, grant a good man's wish-
One look from those pretty blue eyes