Lily Coltrane found herself, yet again, sitting on her bedroom carpet, surrounded by paper scraps, scissors, glue, and markers. Her battered old scrapbook, with its golden lettering forming the words, Found and Lost, across the front cover, was wide open on the floor, and Lily was carefully putting together a new page, the final page, in the book.

Across the top was written the name, in red magic marker, Drake James West.

In the very center, surrounded by glitter, confetti, and sequins of every imaginable color, was a glossy photograph of the young Wild Spades sitcom star. Luminous red hearts and yellow stars formed a border around the picture.

And below it the words, that Lily had artistically penned herself, were,

D.J. to everyone else . But always Drake to me .

We understand each other.

We wanted to fly. But alone we couldn't stay airborne .

So we tried it together. And now we soar the skies.

"Very poetic," a voice behind Lily mused. "I should recruit you to help me write my next song."

The redhead turned around, to see the blond-haired boy standing over her. Her face broke out into a joyful beam.

"You really think so?" She replied, amusement sparkling in her eyes.

"Why not?" He grinned, kneeling down next to her. "You inspired one, didn't you?"

D.J. looked down at Lily's hands, which were resting on the newest page of the scrapbook. He leaned forward, took the book in his hands, and studied the page, his picture, staring up at him. Then, at long last, he closed it and looked down at the cover.

"Found and Lost," he read, and then looked back up at Lily. "You only thought you'd lose me."

"Well, then I just found you all over again."

She felt his arm curl around her shoulders and, while she was staring back into his eyes, D.J. leaned in and kissed her, their mouths mingling together warmly, in a way that felt like, and was, home again.


el fin