An Evil Life, A Lighted Soul

A smile killed my gentle hands
When injustice takes a stand.
No light to lead my soul to safety,
Too many pains on my way home.
Trust lays buried far too deep,
Shattered by a cursed sleep.
Where is the path of lighted soul?
The devil here achieves his goal.
The wings of dreams have crashed and burned,
The sword of light grows ever dim,
A blackened heart kills the shield of hope.
How can you help me stand, when I already fall?
How can you give me ears, when I am deaf to all?
How can I trust in you, when my trust is lost?
Mine eyes see only death and pain,
Death of joy, of light, of mirth.
An evil life, an evil birth.
A bloodied tear drops down a face so pale.
His hand reaches out to brush the tear away.
Cry not my kindred spirit, I have not left your side.
His sword of light is shadowed, his wings are badly torn,
Yet still he stands before me,
Still he wears the crown.
My battle to end the darkness has only just begun,
But in the end at least I'll know,
Your smile will be won.
No darkness will defeat him, no evil tear him down.
Not while an evil lingers.
Not while I live and breath.