No sun to warm a troubled face,
a soul is claimed by cursed fate,
Here where darkness blankets all,
no one to stop the dreaded fall,
Cry breaks through the horror of night,
As the guardian again does fight,
How long until demons are dead,
how long until the blackness fled?
Don't give in to evil friend,
My winged guardian will be your end,
My life means more than misery,
I shall not give in to hated blasphemy,
nor lies, nor hate, nor blind despair,
this isn't right, this isn't fair.
Three stains of blood for every one,
a oath to get the battle won,
Stand by my side with wings of dreams,
cringe not from my hurtful screams,
your sword of light blood does stain,
my tears are hard to ever restrain,
your shield of hope is badly nicked,
but know the demon's ass is kicked.
I remain,
I remain . .
I remain . . .