The winged soldier struggles
against the demons of his mind,
while the darkness over me
becomes a distant memory.
Blinded briefly by the melody of his heart,
has caused the angel's wings to tear,
his sword to dim,
his shield to crack.
One clearly honest mistake sends
him crashing to the ground,
where sin and thoughts of failure
burn him night and day.
My own wings are still fragile,
my demons barely dead,
I have my own life to turn around,
but my heart bleeds for him instead.
The guardian who shielded me from
darkness and from misery,
is drowning in his failures,
while his eyes hold clouds of guilt.
Cry not my valiant solider,
to me you never failed.
Stand proud and strong against
the world where everything seems wrong.
Don't forget what you believe in,
don't forget those whom you love.
It's only hard because you know,
this is what must be done.