To Remain When All Lights Go Out

In the battle to find the light
the light of others flickers and dims.
The sword of light has tasted blood
the wings of dreams have faced life's winds.
The shield of hope has suffered through despair.
A gentle heart hardens and goes ever cold.
The empathetic mind locks out the glimmers of what could be.
The winged guardian's calls have softened
his touch grows ever harsh.
His eyes blaze with the fire of frustration.
Chains spring up around a once lighted soul,
pulling it further down the path the devil chose,
the path where angels cry and fair dreams die.
A shattered voice, darkened by hate.
Leave me my winged guardian. Your work here is done. My path has reached an
A soul so darkened, it sees only pain and despair in a joyous world.
The guardian's eyes flash, for he promised never
to give in to the darkness of the soul he guards.
With a yell, a cry he springs forth, smiting the malevolent evil
laying claim upon a battered soul.
You can't help. Give in before I drag you down as well.
So lost here, so determined to do the wrong.
As long as you suffer, as long as you blind yourself to the light . . .
His hand reaches out to grab the hand of a troubled, bleeding soul.
A booming, determined roar splits the shadows, the darkness over all.