Upon the Gifted Air

Smoke rises from a cursed ground,
As the battle rages on,
A few moments of small victories, of smiles, and of joy,
All captured and killed by demons that plague a helpless soul,
A soul in chains of darkness, a soul deprived of light.
The guardian's sword is nicked, bloodied by the fight
A single winged soldier against the frightful night.
He knew it could not be easy to battle for my soul,
He knew he'd be the only one to pull me from the shadowed path.
Already he is marked by a promise and an oath,
To a charge he loves and cares for
To a girl who dreams of freedom and of life.
Don't let them take my soul, my gentle hearted friend,
Don't let them hide the light and drag me to my end.
My voice is ever distant, the melody is lost,
But still I know he's there, not afraid to face my pain.
Don't let them have power over you, my gentle kindred soul,
Believe that you will earn your wings when your demons crash and burn.
I will not let them haunt you, not while I feel the light,
I want to see your smile, an end to our great plight.
His arms he wraps around me, his wings block out the shadows,
While he stands before me, the nightmares shall not harm.
Fly, my avian friend, don't rest upon despair,
You deserve to soar upon the gifted air.