The Death Prophet
My name is the prophet of death
Other peoples calls me the grim reaper
But what I am really, is a witch of lust
Predicting creatures for their death and more
I put cards on the table to decide their name
And soon I roll the dice to start the game
A one is hang and two is choke
And more combinations for there to provoke

Tomorrow is the day of witches' sabbath
And the head of witch means me to rain
The rain of blood and rain of life
To drain energy from the creatures of hate
Count with me like one and two and three
And when you finish means your life time has ended
Now is the time to stop reading the poem
Or when u get to the counting part means you are so dead
One, two, three
Watch your feet when you sleep tonight
You'll find bloody wounds in a fight
Which you are the victims from the fight and more
And in name of prophet I wouldn't say more
It is the time to end the game
And tomorrow will I continue the shame
To sabotage the future of young ones and old
And your name would be next like ahead