There are some experiences in your life, no matter how large or small, that are impossible to forget. They teach lessons that are so unexpected that you know you'll remember them longer than anything anyone could ever tell you. They're the memories that mean the most, and no one can ever take them away from you.

I broke up with my boyfriend a week before I went to Japan. I felt like the sun would never shine again after that night, that he was perfect, and after him, love was impossible. So I was less than enthusiastic to go see my mom there, with everything so uneasy at home. But as soon as I arrived, I found something I had to accomplish.
I remember walking around the roads below my mom's apartment and searching more than anything for cherry trees. I know it sounds odd, but I had heard so much about the Cherry Blossom Festival and, in pictures, I would see the blooms gliding through the beautiful. I guess it's wrong to say I was searching for cherry trees...more the blossoms than the tree. But, the blossom season had just ended, so while the trees seemed to be on every corner, the sweet pink blossoms were slightly scarce.
So, knowing that my visit to Japan wouldn't be complete without at least a single bloom, I would sit at home while my mom was at work, watching TV, and toy with the thought of finding this flower that to me, should be a meaningless flower. Ok, maybe there was meaning not only to the Japanese, but my own meaning...meaning that it took me a while to realize, until the day I finally found what I was looking for.
It was about a block away from where my mom lived, which I had never thought to look, and I'll never forget how beautiful the sight was: An old, towering cherry tree, with one opened bud...on the very bottom branch. As I walked up to the tree in awe, I'm sure I got a few strange looks from people who were wondering why this girl was beaming up at a tree. But it didn't really matter, because, now that I had completed my quest...I knew. I knew why I needed this flower in my hand; it meant that I could find something I so desperately wanted. Somehow, someway, if you want it enough you can have anything. If you search can love again.