Eyes of night,
Burning into your soul,
As the light,
Seeps away into the black coal,
Of its abyss,

Watch the shadow on the wall,
As it does toward you crawl,
It draws up and fades away,
But inside your mind it'll stay,
Until another day.

The night is alive tonight,
Inky black shades of fear,
Swirl in the corners of your Fright,
And you know it's here,

It's following again,

The wind moans through the window pane,
As the trees outside eerily creak and moan,
As the wind blows and sanity slips slowly away again,
As the timbers of the house begin to groan,
Then you know that you're not alone,

It's alive again,

The sound of footsteps,
The whispers of dread,
A thousand terrors inside your head,

It's behind you again.

As fantasy seeps into reality,
As reality drifts into fantasy,

Falling away from what you see,
Slipping into what you feel,
Your heart pounds out a hectic key,
As your thoughts spin and reel,

It's hunting you again,

Something drifts bye,
Out of the corner of your eye,
You spin around and try,
To figure out why,
You thought you saw something.

Inside you feel like a child,
Terrified of an imagination wild,

But this time it's real,
This time you can feel,
It's presence as you turn and see,
What has come to be,

Your Fear,

As it consumes you.