I see it in her eyes
As she watches you laying there
Oblivious to her turmoil
Distant from her pain
Ignoring the longing in her heart
To hold her baby close
Sing her to sleep
Watch over her while she dreams

Where has that young child gone
The sweet angel who she once knew
Full of love and joy
Innocent to this world
Needing strong arms to protect
Has she truly gone
Or are you hiding deep in there

She's in denial cant you see
Missing you though you're still here
Speaking of happiness
Despite the fear
Looking on the bright side
Peering through the night
She's afraid of loosing you
She feels she's lost the fight

Where has that young child gone
Those sparkling eyes
Cheeky glowing smile
Inquisitive intelligent
Beautiful, her joy is in seeing you
The light of her world
But now she's loosing you
Her one baby girl

Before you leave
Spread your wings and coast away
Look back on your nest
And reflect on every day
Let her know you know
Let her see you understand
Let her be there with you
Her life long friend
Listen closely when she speaks
The pain is louder every day
With some time she'll over come it
But only you can smooth it away

where has that young child gone
not to far ,I see here there
those smiling eyes behind the heartache
that cheeky smile behind the strain