Birth Control for Angels

Can angels have babies?

Well I suppose so,

Because there have been sightings

Of cherubs, you know.

Little, naked children

That fly through the sky,

Frolic amongst the clouds

And whisper lullabies.

Oh no! The angel-baby,

By a demon was possessed

And inhabited by a fit of violence.

Quick! Call an exorcist!

He is foaming at he mouth,

As obscenities pour out.

He is injuring the mortals,

By throwing arrows all about.

He flies naked thorough the sky

To inspire sinful, lusty thoughts.

He laughs with glee at all the chaos,

As he fires off his shots.

He makes the mortals worship his name,

Through all of their daily living.

He bleeds hearts and spreads his venom.

He is, not at all, forgiving.

He is Cupid, the demon

Possessed angel-child

And because of free will,

God allows him to run wild.

Love was born from Cupid

And we must suffer in silence.

What good can come, of that which

Was born in violence?

Why couldn't the angels just sing hymns,

Instead of copulate and procreate?

These baby-booming angels,

Need to calm their animal instinct to mate.

Judging by that lunatic, Cupid,

Their offspring is quite deranged, as a whole.

Please, Lord, provide some sexual education.

The angels need birth control!