Promises broken

Over and over you repent
And I forgive you
Because I have your word
You'll never do it again
But your words are nothing
Just hot air moving
Warming the hair on the back of my neck
Your whispering voice
Sooths away my troubles
The words are just what I want to hear
And you know it

Again breaking your promise

I see the troubles in your brown eyes
The tears you try to hide
The quiver in those words
Gave you away
Yet you say
Don't worry , I'll be here
And just like that I smile
Not at the comfort
Not despite the pain
But at the irony
You've done it again

Shattered glass never mends
Neither will my heart
Yet you come
With glue and the shards
Cutting you hands on my words
Bleeding on my hate
Picking me up and fitting me in place
Even though you said you won't
Promised not to intervene
To let me do it on my own
And hurt myself again and again
You're there
Breaking your promises
But I won't worry
You'll always be here