Chapter 1

Professor Packhorn looked up from his attendance scroll. "Where is Tilly?" he inquired, scanning the rows of seats in his class room.
As usual, Kara, first seat center isle rose her hand and answered promptly "she is late once again professor."
At that moment, a girl of the age if 16 rushed in. She had light brown hair, brown eyes, and had a sloppy school uniform on. Her shirt was untucked, her socks were pushed down, her sweater was unbuttoned, her tie was loose, and her skirt was too high.
Kara, tall, blond, with blue eyes, sighed dramatically.
"I'm sorry I was late this morning, Professor." Tilly panted, "I slept in."
"I see you've retained your usual excuse, Miss Barlance." he directed to Tilly. She winced at the sound of her last name, having hoped he wouldn't revile to all the new students. Barlance was the name of an old traitor to their country, Pentor. "This isn't a very good start to the new school year."
Tilly braced herself for the usual lecture that comes after Packhorn say's something like that, normally about how disappointed he is, or how she should be more responsible. Instead she noticed a boy in the back of the room raising his hand.
Packhorn didn't notice though, because no one had ever interrupted any of his lectures before. He started rambling on, looking back at his scroll every now and then.
The boy in the back of the class was still raising his hand, showing no emotion. Tilly was standing awkwardly in the middle of the class, completely tuning Packhorn out, instead she was looking at the boy.
By now the class had become very interested in their pencils, or passing notes, or some like Tilly, were looking at the boy. The boy flashed her a smile that made Tilly's insides melt. Kara however, was sitting upright and taking in every word Packhorn said.
Packhorn looked up briefly and stopped talking when he saw the boy. "what is your name?" he asked wrinkling his brow.
"Nathan, Professor." he answered smoothly. He had black, short, curly hair, shining blue eyes and tan skin. He seemed laid back, yet serious, if it was possible. "I've noticed your dislike to this girl and I am curious why, if only her name?" he inquired intelligently.
Professor Packhorn raised his eyebrows and opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Tilly knew that Packhorn hated her only because of her name, but now he had a reason to hate her even more, and Nathan. She gritted her teeth and sat away in the back, next to the boy. "What are you doing?!" she hissed to him.
He smiled another heart melting smile but said nothing, only locking there eyes together. Packhorn was still in shock, standing in front, mouth hanging open. Tilly was surprised that someone would actually stand up for her, let alone keep Packhorn speechless.
The bell rang and Tilly stood up and literally sprinted for the door, knocking over several people in the process. She ducked into the nearest girl's bathroom, and locked herself in a stall. She leaned on the wall, taking everything in.
She had somehow been embarrassed on her first day back at the Queen's Union, School to gain wings and intelligence. She was at this school to get her wings, not pilot wings, but fairy wings. Tilly is a Fairy. Everyone is a fairy; you just had to earn your wings, which is what Tilly plans to do. She had dealt with the humiliation every year, but to have an even worse start to this year than last year was bad. Everyone had ignored her last year. It was almost painful to actually be noticed, even if only by one guy. She laughed; she was finally noticed by a guy, and a nice one at that.

She let herself out of the bathroom, and slowly walked outside to the stone courtyard. This year they would start their practice of wings. Tilly's excitement grew but she was still feeling mixed emotions. As the bell rung, students came more quickly until everyone was present, except for their teacher. Tilly was staring at her toes, and heard students becoming more and more restless by the minuet. She looked up and saw the boy, Nathan; he was looking at her, and smiled. That boy smiles at me a lot, she thought as their teacher rushed in. Her appearance was much like Tilly's except with red hair in a bun.
Tilly smiled hoping her new teacher didn't care for her last name, and wasn't as strict as some rumors said.
"Hello class" was the greeting that surprised Tilly; the woman's voice was as low as a dog, in a ruff boyish tone. "I'd like you to listen please." the woman took off her trench coat and unfurled 2 magnificent wings that were firmly planted in her back. Tilly's hope grew when she saw this, because very few people have wings, only those that graduated. She walked to a closet that no one had noticed before, because it had camouflaged itself into the brick. The professor took a necklace she had around her neck out from her shirt. Attached to it was a very delicate key. She opened the cabinet and stood back. In it were large, long, wooden racks of heavy machinery. She took one and pressed in a code. It unfurled itself and balanced perfectly in her hand.
"These are your practice wings you will be using this year. And we will use them every day." She smiled and said "My name is Professor Malady." Tilly felt like she had just made a new best friend.