Never to see the sun
Nor hear the gentle sea
Or feel the raging of the waters
Running, rushing swiftly.
Full of dark and icy stars
That blink, reflected in the mire
The grass and muddy banks asleep,
While water burns with midnight fire.
Not to touch the mountain's face,
To hear it's living beat
Or see the rocks come tumbling fast
To waver in the heat
Of molten blood that waxes hot,
In rippled, dappled waves
While phantom smoke, flits above
The countless shadowy graves.
Entomed in darkness, silent, still
Trapped in cold unmoving stone
preserved forever, underneath
the ashes buried, all alone.
Not to see the storms all strewn
'cross the heavy skies ahead,
Till rain cascades from darkened heights,
To sooth the passing of the dead.
Never to feel the prairie's chill
Spanned by frosty nights,
Nor see the free birds soar on high,
Whispering like the tails of kites.
Never to live within the world,
Nor feel the living's thrill,
Or hear the breath of dying men,
....Bound in darkness still,