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"Dad!" Rei cried.

Lyle raised and eyebrow and looked from Rei to Koumu, with a glare at him.

"Huh.?" Koumu looked from Lyle to Rei, still in his arms. "EGH!" He dropped her immediately.

"OW!" Rei scrambled to get up, and stood up and looked down at the floor. "Hi, dad."

"Rei! Koumu!" Lyle looked a little pissed.

"Hey, Ly-"

"You," Lyle pointed at Koumu. "Shut your mouth." Koumu closed his mouth immediately. "Rei."

Rei didn't say anything, she just stood where she was and stared at the floor. She was on the verge of tears. "I."

"You what?" Lyle asked.

"I was just-"

"You were just screwing your cousin! Is that it?!"

"Lyle." Koumu cut in.

"What the _fuck_ do you want?" Lyle snapped.

Koumu glared at Lyle. "Look, it was mostly my fault!"

"No fucking shit!! My daughter, my ONLY daughter lost it to YOU!! Do you have any fucking idea how much that bothers me?!? And to her cousin!!!! People like you make. Me. Sick."

"It's not like I'm fucking my blood cousin! We're only cousins by law!"

"That doesn't matter! She's still your cousin!"

Rio came up behind Koumu and Lyle just as they said that. "You're fucking who?!"

Koumu sighed. "SHIT!"

Rei just sat on the couch, playing with a pillow.

Lyle turned back to Koumu. "When were you planning on telling us this, Speed Racer?"

"When we thought-"

"We weren't going to.not any time soon." Rei said.

"Oh, really? 'Not any time soon?'" Lyle spat.

Rio put her hand on Lyle's shoulder. "We'll deal with it tomorrow."

"Tomorrow they've got school."

"No, they don't." She walked passed Koumu. "They're staying here. That's final."

Koumu turned on his heel and started towards his room, when Ritsuko said behind him, "We are going to have a talk."

"Tch." Ritsuko smacked Koumu upside the head.

"Don't be a smart ass with me."

Koumu glared at her and walked the rest of the way upstairs.

"Rei," Rio said quietly. "Go to your room."

Rei stood up and looked at her mom with sad eyes. "So, that's it."

Rio blinked. "What?"

"You're just going to ground me and talk to me? When do Koumu and I get to talk?! Why do we always have to listen?!"


"I love him! And if that's wrong, then oh fucking well!!" She screamed. She, too, stomped up the stairs.

"Your room!" Lyle called up.

"FUCK YOU!!" Koumu and Rei shouted down at the same time. **SMACK**

"Ow! What the fu-" Koumu yelled. Then, somebody slammed a door shut.

Rio sighed. "Well, they do have a point."

"About what?" Lyle turned around to face Rio.

"That they're not blood relatives."

"." Lyle started to calm down.barely, but a little. "But they're.too young to be in love."

"And yet they are."

"No, they just think its love. They're confused."


"She's my little girl damn it! I'm not gonna let her go with some vampire-"

"What's wrong with vampires? Besides he's only half."

"I don't care if he's 1 percent out of 100!! He's still.a vampire."

"Ritsuko's a vampire."


"So.Ritsuko's a vampire, my step-sister and she hasn't sucked my blood yet. You're a human, I'm a demon."

"Yeah, so?"

"Odd pairings at first, ne?"

"Yeah, so?" He asked.

"When it comes down to it, we all bleed red."

Lyle had nothing to say to that. He liked Ritsuko, and Koumu, too. Maybe it was just the thought of 'Daddy's little girl' becoming a woman instead of staying a little girl.


Ritsuko calmly shut the door to Koumu's room. Koumu just stood in the middle of the room with his arms crossed.

"Well? We came here to talk, so talk." Said Koumu.

Ritsuko slowly walked over to him. She held up one finger. "First of all."

She drew her hand back and slapped him across the face. His head snapped to the side.

"What. The. FUCK. Were you thinking?" she hissed.

"Mother, I can't help it."

"Can't help what?" she said angrily.

"I love her, I can't help that."

Ritsuko rolled her eyes. "You're too young to know what love is." She paused to look at him. He was staring straight at her with coldness in his green eyes.

"And, what Lyle said, is that true?"

Koumu was silent.

Ritsuko's eyebrows quirked angrily. "And I want the truth. Not that you can hide it anyway."

Koumu threw his hands up. "So why don' t you just save yourself the trouble and read my fucking min-OW!!"

Ritsuko drew her hand back. Koumu rubbed the welt on the back of his neck.

"Koumu, I'm your mother and I don't want to have to force any information out of you. I want you to tell me. Now answer the question." Said Ritsuko.

Koumu sighed. "Yes. It's true."

Ritsuko's red eyes blazed. She drew her hand back again and Koumu recoiled. Oh yea, she smacked him again.

"What the hell were you thinking? I DEFINETLY did NOT raise you to do such a thing!" she brushed her hands together and shrugged.

"Oh well. You ruined it."

"Ruined what?" asked Koumu, now on the verge of tears but held them back.

"You know damn well what. You lost it. And you're not even married. You're confusing your teenage hormones with actual love! Koumu, honey, you do not love her."

"That's easy for you to say." He hissed angrily.

"Oh really? You think it's easy just coming up here and telling you that you made a fucking horrible mistake!!?? You think it's easy to just slap you around like some fucking rag doll?! YOU THINK THIS IS ALL A FUCKING WALK IN THE PARK?!?!" she was yelling at the top of her lungs now.

Koumu's eyes narrowed slightly. "Let me ask you this: do you think it's so easy living without knowing who the hell your own father is?"

Ritsuko's rage disappeared and she paused and stared at him. "What?" she said.

"You heard me," he said, "do you know what that's like for me?"

"You're blaming this on not knowing your father?" said Ritsuko quietly.

"No. I'm not. But I'm just saying, do you think it's so easy?"

Ritsuko walked over to him and cupped the sides of his face with her hands. "Koumu, do you think it was easy living with that knowledge? Knowing that your second child won't have a damn clue who the hell his father is because he died before the child's birth? Do you want something like that to happen to Rei?"

Koumu didn't say anything. Ritsuko continued. "Let's just say, Rei got pregnant. You, my son, are the father. You and her are very, very happy. But, the time moves on and you're interested in other women that pass you by. But you're a father. You can't **quotation fingers** "chase chicks" and be a good role model." She paused again.

She continued on. "You grow sadder each day. You wake up every morning seeing the mother of your child next to you. You get this feeling in your heart. That feeling is: You. Don't. Love. Her. And all of this leads to problems."

The look on Koumu's face was enough to get him to wake up inside. He was crying. Bloody tears from one eye, clear tears from the other.

"How do you know this?" he asked.

Ritsuko sighed. "I almost ended up that way and don't you DARE do something like this ever again."

He nodded and used the back of his fist to wipe away his tears. Ritsuko pulled out a hanky from nowhere and wiped it away.

"And you're grounded until you graduate."


Rei sat alone in her room.

I can't believe them. I can't believe any of them.

She wasn't on the verge of tears; crying wouldn't do her any good. It wouldn't change their minds. So she just sat in her room hating everyone. She hated her dad, her mom, her aunt, her brothers and Hitomi (even though they had nothing to do with anything), Koumu.and most of all, herself.

It's stupid. so stupid.I don't want to be here.anywhere but here. Who knows what Ritsuko's telling Koumu.not that it would matter much anyway.

She remembered Katsumi. Katsumi was always there for her when she needed something. Rei ran out of her room and into the living room. Daiki, who had come downstairs for a glass of water, looked over at Rei. "What are you doing out of your room?"

Rei shot a glare at Daiki, and finished dialing Katsumi's number.

Daiki sighed. "I heard Mom and Dad arguing about you."

Rei turned off the phone. "What?"

"They were arguing about you.and Koumu, too. They said something about you loving him.what's so wrong with that?"

"Eh, you'll understand when you're older."

"Is it that incest thing?"

Rei shook her head. "No. But.I guess it's close enough."

" you love him?"

Rei hesitated for a moment. "N.Don't ask me that.Please don't ask me that. Not now. Earlier today I would have said 'yes.' But I don't know anymore."

Daiki fiddled with the cup. "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For being such a jerk. I kept yelling stuff and annoying you when you were with your other boyfriends. I guess I just got a little jealous."

Rei smiled. "You're such a dope. It's not your fault. But, next time you're jealous, tell me and we can spend a day at the board walk or two days even."


"Really, really." Daiki walked back upstairs happy, as he usually was. Rei sighed and stood up. "Well," She said to herself, "I've got school tomorrow. I better get some sleep. wait. I'm getting yelled at. I'm not allowed to go to school. Sheesh." She walked halfway up the stairs, and heard a door close. "Oro?" She walked the rest of the way and looked around. Boy, was it creepy at night. She just couldn't understand why Koumu.err.Ritsuko liked it so much.

"Sorry, I took your virginity. I'm just a love-sick teenager." Koumu came out of nowhere, behind Rei. She jumped and spun around.

She tried not to laugh. "Wh-Where did that come from?"

"I'd give it back but I can't." said Koumu shrugging.

Rei blinked. "Well." She sighed. "Forget it, it isn't really essential to living anyway." Koumu looked at Rei and stepped forward. Rei stopped him, and put a hand on his cheek. She pulled it away and looked at it. "Ewww. your eye is bleeding.or was." She looked for somewhere to wipe it, and couldn't find anything. So, she just wiped it on his pants. "Here, a present."

"I'm still sorry." he said.

Rei flicked her wrist. "Ah don't worry about it! If a husband comes along for me, it'll be easier if ya know what I mean, jellybean."

Koumu raised an eyebrow. "Hm." Then he looked at Rei's hand; she hadn't gotten all the blood off. "You know, I wasn't bleeding.okay I was, but I mean, I was crying vampires do."

Rei looked up. "You lost me at 'crying.' You? Crying? That's the strangest thing I've ever heard. You never cry!"

"Well, I did. You know what they say, Never Say Never."

Rei pretended to have a book in her hands and said, "'Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore.'" She pretended to throw her imaginary book away. "Ha! I said never. What are you gonna do about it?"

Koumu simply smiled. He took another step forward just to hug his cousin. But Rei pointed at him and said, "I don't know what your gonna do, but I've gotten yelled at enough today. So, try it, and I'll pillow your ass."

"Pillow my ass?"

"Yeah, you know.throw a pillow at you." She made a 'get-it-now?' motion, and when Koumu shook his head, said, "You're such a loser."

"Maybe I am."

Rei blinked. "Oro? You know I didn't mean it like that."

"Hm. Hey, Rei?"


"Wanna go for a quick fuck?"

"THAT'S IT!! NOW I'M GONNA SPORK YOUR ASS!!!" She chased after him, into his room again, she walked out and slammed the door. "I have tamed the beast." The door opened and Koumu hugged Rei around the waist.

"But, seriously."

Rei looked back at Koumu's serious face.

............Uh Oh.


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