Starvation Of Soul And Spirit

"Fed me," the small boy cries
Staring out with blood-shot eyes
Out of his blistered lips
His fragile voice softly slips
His beige clothes are tattered
His frail, flawed skin is battered
And his hands are but claws
He has no teeth for his jaws
"Fed me," the small boy cries
Screaming out through bumbling lies
He wants to finally see
His lost lifetime guarantee
To feel without a stare
And to love without a care
The feelings he was told
That his life could now behold
"Fed me," the small boy cries
Slashing out to his surprise
Doesn't feel like his strength
To push and shove at this length
A lack of love and care
Can make you not want to dare
It makes you want to sleep
He has no will left to weep
I overlooked this child
Although you may think that's wild
For he put himself there
So now he is in despair
He didn't believe us
When we told him not to cuss
He never learnt true joy
So the man is still a boy