Hello... are you out there. Your name rolls off my tounge into my broken heart.
People say time heals things, well your love could be so much faster.
You appeared out of nowhere showing me I could love agian.
Hello agian your so beautiful when you speak.
All I want to do is listen. Your so funny sometimes.
All I need is your smile, your laugh.
When were together it seems like everythings better.
The sun warms my fac. The earth feels so good under my feet.
I feel free agian, Unchained, willing to do anything.
Hello... This is my final day, my final breath.
All I want is you. But your gone... Forever.
You will never be at my side.
Even in my last final breath. I wish you were here.
I wish I could see your beautiful face. I miss you...
Do you miss me, wish for me, dream of me.
Because I dream of you...