Random One-Shot


A/N: Just a quick little thing I wrote to help me get out of writers block a while back. And I thought it was pretty good. Maybe I should do this more ^_^;; Either way, enjoy, it's really short!


It was dark. His footsteps made crunching noises. But he didn't look back. Not at the past. Anything was better than the past. He started running. He had to take of it. The problem. She had to go. His mind was made up. There was no turning back. He was going to kill her. All the painful memories will be gone. He rounded the corner. Almost slipped, but caught his balance. He cursed slightly at the wet snow. The long street seemed much longer now. But he knew. He knew he had to do it. So he kept running. Pumping his muscles. Faster. The house came into view. He slowed down at first. A wave of hesitation flooded him. For a moment he just stood there. But then he took out his gloves. He checked his pocket. The knife was there. Hopefully he wouldn't need it. He pushed open the door. He stepped inside. The light hurt his eyes at first. But then he saw her. And all his doubts came back. Doubts about the past. Doubts about the future.

"Alec, what a nice surprise!"

She hugged him. He just stood there. How can he kill her? How can he even think about it? How, when she seems so innocent? But the past came back. And with it the pain. Not even her face could justify it.

He snapped, grabbing her by her hair, looking into her eyes with as much malice as he felt, and yelling, "How could you have done this to me," and watching her stare back in shock; he was beyond himself, and started tightening his free hand around her neck, continuing, "What, was the pay not good enough for you, you betrayed everyone, everyone's dead because of you, maybe I deserve to die as well, I loved you," still tightening his grip on her neck, he started crying, "I will make you suffer, I will make you feel the pain of my friends, when they were left alone to the mercy of the enemy, when you gave the order to go back, when you left them there to die," his rage was out of control now – he couldn't think anymore, he couldn't talk anymore, all he continued to do was squeeze the neck of the woman who has tainted his memories of life spent in the service of the President, the memories that were supposed to be his best, the highlights of his career, but were turned to nightmares unimaginable by this woman – his first love, his first hate, his first murder.