Three days gone by. Still no word.
I found out you hate me and want nothing else but to never see me again.
Thats fine... If I never see you again.
I'll never be able to tell you how I feel.
I feel alone. Lost in the expanse of my mind.
I feel alone. All I want is too see your face.
Feel your touch. All I want is to love you again.
But it wont happen. So I'm nothing but alone.
Two years gone by. I still haven't seen you.
I thought I found someone else. All I did was hurt her too.
I hear you got married. I hear you like your life.
Thats fine I just wish I could see you...
I can't keep it together. I feel like I sold my soul.
Everyone says that I have changed. Why wont you take me back.
I feel alone, lost in my mind. Never to wake.
I need to wake...