Another trite, unnecessary, and derivative poem from a long time ago. Again, only still in existence for the quality review by Della C. Read this poem if you must, but please read her review by all means. The reviews she and PuppetMaster offered me pointed my poetry in a much more intentional direction.

I imagine you dance in your room at night
And I lay in bed in mine.
In yours is a beautiful waking dream,
In my room a logical mind.
And the beauty in this is that I am the one
With whom you choose humbly to dance.
And all I can do is to picture you picturing
Me in your fairytale trance.
And what did I do to earn this?
What have I done to deserve,
A beautiful girl who likes dancing with me,
A princess whose hand lightly curves
As she wraps it around an invisible me
And imagines me in her embrace?
While I lay in my bed and I think in my head
But all I can see is her face.
Her eyes are all I think about,
Her voice is all I hear.
And still she dances ever on,
With music in her ears.