Numbers are Never Wrong

Shots echo through the streets, child cry, and women scream. Men reach out,

with futile grasps, praying for this curse to pass. Shattered windows, broken glass

litters every patch of ground. Women to the left, and men to the right, shave

you down, walk undressed. Pitiful to their own eyes, plaque consumer bodies,

taking life after life. Pushing down, tearing up, blood flows in pools that turn

to floods. Horror flickers in the eyes of passers by, on lookers of the hill,

and seekers of the past. Break free, fight back againist the flants, for freedom

fought, is freedom won. Yet this wasn't the sceme of things, for fear does hinder

the strong revolt, and oppression can break the toughest souls. Some never learn, and

try to flee still, only to bring dismay. Leg stretch, contract as distance is made,

bullets fly, ripping flesh, blood flows, and barbwire catches. Tears stream down

as loved ones stand by, yet no compassion is shown by the ones that say die. Keep

your head high, show no remorse, for you give them hope, and rebelous they shall grow.

For those jewish dogs, baught this on themselves, and even if that is not so, it is better

them than I. Since so many many blame them for our hardship, and numbers are never wrong.

---Approximately six million people were murdered by Nazi-Germans during the Holocaust, these numbers are truely wrong, yet correct.---