Want to feel it
Want to feel you
Raw energy
Coming through

Coursing through again
Burning through this brittle skin
Ripping through my soul
Raging out of control

A thousand pictures dot my mind
But in this melody I will unwind
As I ride these thoughts above
As I try to forget lost love

Let the guitar speak to
Everything wanting inside of you
Let its music pulse and flow
Open your mind's eye and know

Raw energy
Is coming through
Let me feel it
Let me feel you

Open up your mind's eye
Reach out and touch the sky
As the notes flow through
As the notes blow through
Every last part of you

Vibrating inside again
Ripping apart again
Putting a whole new spin
On what we thought we knew

Let it pulse and let it flow
Forget what you think you know
Let it carry you through
Let it help you to
Find the melody within.