The Fight for Justice

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Chapter 5

The Battlefield: 11th July 2234: 08:01am

Kazuo was in the trench but he was too busy checking his e-mails to help with the fighting. A few soldiers were getting annoyed with the blond who always seemed to be occupied with his laptop instead of the fighting. The blue-eyed teenager jumped when someone leapt into the trench and landed besides him.

" Hey, Kazuo," Osamu greeted, the blond gave the man a rather cold stare before he resumed looking at his e-mails.

" Have your family e-mailed you then?" Osamu asked watching as the blond started to tap away on his laptop.

" That's none of your business," Kazuo ignorantly snapped without looking up from the screen of the laptop. Osamu rolled his eyes, he now saw why Ryu was unable to talk to the blond himself. The older blond knelt down besides the younger one.

" You know, Ryu's been talking to me about you," Osamu honestly commented watching as the blue eyed model typed away on the keyboard of his laptop. Kazuo's finger fluently tapped away against the keys as he tried to reply to a letter that had been sent by his brother.

" Good for him," The nineteen year old replied with hardly any enthusiasm, though he was a little curious on what the brunette had been saying about him. He told himself that it was probably something bad anyway.

" He has feelings for you, Kazuo," Osamu explained, the younger boy stopped typing and glanced up at him," but he's just feeling confused."

" I gathered he was confused," Kazuo said in reply looking into Osamu's eyes, he was about to add something else but decided not to.

" So, you have feelings for him too?"

" Feelings for him? Don't be ridiculous!" Kazuo said sounding arrogant, Osamu raised an eyebrow in disbelief at the younger boy's statement. He confirmed that Kazuo was lying when he spotted the uncertainty quivering in the teenager's light azure eyes.

" I can tell that you're lying, Kazuo," Osamu explained while smiling," I have two crafty kids you know so I am pretty good at telling when someone's being untruthful."

The blond turned his head away and moved his glance back to his laptop though he did not type anything; instead he shyly started to fiddle with his bandana.

" Ok, so I may fancy Ryu," Kazuo replied without looking up at Osamu," But he told me that he was straight, so what he feels for me is merely admiration. I know many straight males that think I'm sexy so they admire me because of it."

Osamu laughed gently," Ryu was right, you do like to blow your own trumpet, don't you?" Kazuo lifted his head and pulled a face of bewilderment and slight annoyance, he folded his arms.

" Well, if you want to sort things out with Ryu you'd better talk to him," Osamu explained he stood up and looked down at the stubborn teenager.

" There's nothing to sort out," Kazuo replied back sternly looking back down at his laptop, he skimmed his fingers gently across the keyboard. He waited for Osamu to reply but as he looked up to see the older man's facial reaction he was surprised to see that he had already walked off. The blond shrugged his shoulders before he resumed typing though he was now thinking of Ryu and how he really felt about him.

Army Cabin: 15th July: 17:21pm

Ryu walked into the cabin feeling a little tired from all the extra training he had undergone in the training hall. The brunette had decided that he should have a shower before he joined the other men for dinner, which is why he had returned to the cabin. Him and the other soldiers had returned to army camp two days ago, which was quite a relief for Ryu because he had truly hated watching soldiers die in front of his eyes.

The already topless brunette placed his drawstring bag onto his bed before he knelt down besides his bed to grab a towel and a few other washing accessories. He then slipped out of his shoes before he made his way to the shower room.

Ryu pealed off the rest of his clothes and placed them on the pegs that were spread across one of the walls in the shower room. He then randomly chose a showerhead to stand under then pressed a few buttons on a nearby keypad to select the length of time he wanted the water to run for. He closed his eyes as the rather warm water started to gush down onto his bare flesh. Ryu re-opened his green eyes so he could pick up his bottle of shampoo from the floor.

Meanwhile, Kazuo had just returned to the cabin. He knew that there was some sort of meeting he had to go to at six as well as the other soldiers, so he had returned to the cabin for a little chill out time before the meeting. After he had shut the door he was aware that someone was showering in the other room. He ran his fingers through a few strands of his blond hair as he walked over to his bed, a smile spread across his face when he noticed Ryu's drawstring bag. The brunette never left anything on his bed unless he was actually in the cabin, which therefore told Kazuo that the brunette was the one having a shower. The blond kicked off his shoes then pulled off his vest-top, he had decided that he was going to pay the brunette a visit.

Ryu shut his beautiful emerald green eyes firmly as he rinsed out the shampoo in his hair. He arched his neck back as he ran his hand through his drenched and darkened hair, his other hand slid along his hip, he started to imagine that Kazuo was the one that was caressing his hip teasingly. His hand slowly moved to his thigh, his fingers glided to his inner thighs. Before he knew it he was stroking his erection, he opened his mouth slightly and let out a small moan as he felt the pleasure cruise around his body.

Kazuo stepped into the shower room, his heart hammered firmly against his chest when he saw the brunette. He could not believe how stunning Ryu looked when he was drenched and naked. The brunette had such a lovely toned tanned body, free of any piercing, tattoos or other scars. The blond then noticed that Ryu was pleasuring himself; he blushed slightly as he heard the brunette moan out softly. Kazuo felt himself grow hard as he watched the brunette jerk off. Then the blond heard Ryu whisper his name softly, Kazuo's eyes started to sparkle with lust- he could not stand another minute looking at Ryu's hot body; he wanted to touch.

Ryu kept his eyes shut as he sped up the rhythm as he jacked off. Kazuo's name escaped his lips again as the feeling in his lower abdomen grew stronger. He swallowed deeply as his erection started to throb like never before. He opened his mouth to moan out yet again, but suddenly a pair of lips clamped around his widened mouth. The brunette's green eyes immediately opened and widened when they met a pair of sexy blue eyes. Ryu was rigid with shock, the fear in his eyes were pretty much manifest as Kazuo slowly ran his fingers along the eighteen year olds toned chest. At the same time Kazuo allowed his tongue to wonder into the brunette's hot mouth. Kazuo suddenly yelped in pain and moved back from Ryu with his mouth slightly open. The brunette watched as Kazuo raised his hand up to his mouth then ran his index finger across the tip of his tongue; the blond frowned when he saw that his finger was coated with a red substance.

" Why did you bite my tongue, Ryu?" Kazuo asked in annoyance looking down at the teenager who was about three inches shorter than him.

" Y..You just surprised me," Ryu stammered in reply, his hand was well away from his manhood by now. The blond folded his arms and starred into the brunette's deep green eyes wondering what Ryu really wanted from him.

Kazuo unfolded his arms and decided to try his luck with the brunette once again. He placed one hand on the brunette's hip then planted a small kiss on Ryu's lips before looking into his gorgeous eyes.

" Well, I'll forgive you on this occasion," Kazuo explained his hand that was on the brunette's hip slowly worked its way down to his thigh. The brunette tried not to frown he hated being dominated by anyone but then he gathered that the blond knew what he was doing.

" Relax, you're all tense," Kazuo whispered his other arm slipped around the brunette's waist.

" I've never done anything like this with a guy," Ryu replied panting lightly as the blonde's hand started to stroke his inner thigh. Kazuo's lips pressed against the younger teenager's aching lips, he playfully sucked on the brunette's lower lip as Ryu's arms wrapped around his neck.

" Kaz..Kazuo?" Ryu questioned half moaning the nineteen year olds name seeing as the blonde's fingers were running down the length of his erection.

" Yes?" Kazuo replied purposely grasping the brunette's member in a rather unexpected manner, this caused Ryu to let out a low and soft groan.

" I really thought that hated me," Ryu admitted closing his eyes slightly as Kazuo started to jerk him off gently but with an interesting technique, the falling water was acting like a lubricant of some sort. The blond kissed him on his lips again then pushed their bodies closer together.

" I thought that I hated you," Kazuo admitted as he fastened the rhythm that his wrist was making, he was enjoying watching Ryu melt in pleasure and ecstasy," But then I realised it was not hate I was feeling, it was… love."

" Love?" The brunette gasped accidentally swallowing a mouthful of the water coming from the shower, he coughed slightly before adding," But you barely know me."

" I know," Kazuo sighed he slowed the movement of his wrist a rather saddened look appeared in his striking light blue eyes. Ryu pulled one arm away from Kazuo's neck and used his hand to brush some of the model's now soaked and darkened blond hair away from his face," But Ryu, I can't help the way I feel about you." He then deliberately squeezed the brunette's hardened manhood in a light manner causing the green-eyed boy to moan out in even more delight.

" Want me to suck you off?" Kazuo asked crudely leaning forward to allow his tongue to flick across the brunette's earlobe. Ryu shuddered as the blonde's tongue made contact with his wet skin; he was now becoming more comfortable with Kazuo touching him. The eager look in Ryu's dark green eyes gave away his answer to Kazuo's question clearly. The blond smiled rather mischievously before he knelt down in front of the brunette, he planted a kiss on Ryu's bellybutton then used his tongue to trace around his lower stomach.

" Mmm, Kazuo," Ryu quietly sighed he tilted his head back and shut his eyes as he felt the blond brushed his tongue across the head of his erection.

" Call me Kaz," Kazuo said in response before he licked the length of the brunette's rather impressive manhood as if it was some sort of ice-lolly.

" Mmm, Kaz," Ryu whispered opening his eyes he looked down watched as the nineteen year old took half of his length in his mouth. The brunette bit his lower lip; he was very close to climaxing but was trying to hold back for the sake of Kazuo.

The blonde's tongue caressed Ryu's throbbing member rather professionally- it was obvious that Kazuo had done this before. The blond then took the rest of the brunette's length into his mouth, this caused Ryu to cry out in absolute pleasure. The brunette allowed one of his hands to rest on Kazuo's head; his finger lightly grasped a few strands of his fine damp-golden-blond hair. The blond withdrew the brunette's erection from his mouth, his hand clasped around the teenager's member again before he continued to toss the brunette off while he occasionally brushed his tongue against the tip of his erection. With his free hand, Kazuo started to stroke his own manhood.

" Kaz, I..I think.. I'm a..about to…. Ahh!" Ryu soon loudly groaned his knees started to give way as continuous waves of pleasure started to ripple through his lower abdomen and through his body. He pressed his back against the wall as Kazuo took the whole of his erection in his mouth yet again; his tongue stimulated it in a circular movement. Ryu opened his mouth wide and let out a long moan of pleasure as his orgasm hit it's highest point, his seed squirted in Kazuo's mouth. The blond pulled Ryu's now semi-erected manhood from his mouth and then swallowed every drop the brunette's 'special' fluid without hesitating, though some had dribbled out from his mouth but the water from the shower washed it off.

" Mmm, you taste so sweet," Kazuo whispered closing his eyes as he continued to jack himself off. Ryu slipped down the wall and joined Kazuo on the soaked floor.

" Kaz, I like you better when you're being nice," Ryu smiled dreamily shutting his eyes as the water drummed down onto his red-hot skin.

" Yeah, I have been a bastard to you in the past… I'm sorry," Kazuo admitted smiling when Ryu's hand grasped around his hand that was moving up and down his own shaft. Ryu was surprised to hear the blond say the words ' I'm' and 'sorry' in the same sentence.

" I'm feeling incredibly horny, Ryu," Kazuo then mentioned as Ryu's hand started to move with his in the same up and down pattern. The brunette looked up and saw that the blonde's light blue eyes were sparkling with lust.

" I would not mind taking things further but I'm worried about the other soldiers returning and…" Ryu started but Kazuo's lips pressing against his own cut off his speech immediately. The blond pulled away while smiling.

" They won't be returning here till seven," Kazuo explained," We're all meant to be attending some meeting around now and it's meant to go on for quite some time."

" That means it's important! Kaz we'd better…" Ryu exclaimed as he moved his hand away from Kazuo but was yet again cut off by the blond's ravenous hot lips. The brunette pushed Kazuo off him looking quite annoyed.

" Would you rather be with and having fun or would you prefer attending some boring meeting?" Kazuo asked he raised one eyebrow in an inquiring way. Ryu rolled his bright green eyes, the blond's persistent attitude was one thing that Ryu could not stand but nor could he resist. Ryu decided that he could always ask someone what the meeting was all about anyway later on; he also told himself that he may never get the same opportunity with Kazuo again so he was now going to make the most of it.

" See, I know you'd rather be with me," Kazuo boastfully smirked before planting a kiss on the brunette's soft cheek, he then grabbed one of Ryu's hands and checked his fingers.

" Hmm, your skin is pruning," Kazuo explained he stood himself up and then held out his hand which Ryu gladly used to help himself stand," Lets get away from the shower." The brunette gathered up his washing accessories before they walked back into the main room of the cabin. Both boys were pleased to see that there was no one else in the cabin. The blond walked over to a row of switches and flicked most of them. This caused the blinds to come down over the windows and also turned on all the lights in the cabin.

" Your bed, or mine?" Kazuo then asked a wicked glimmer appeared in his sexy blue eyes.

" What about Shoko's bed?" Ryu smiled wrapping his towel around his waist. Kazuo's smirk widened at Ryu's suggestion. Both teenagers disliked Shoko intensely ever since the evening when he had hit Kazuo. The blond had received a bruised jaw, which was now fully healed. However, Shoko had come off worse after Ryu had hit him. The blue haired man had ended up with a broken nose that still looked slightly wonky to this very day. Needless to say, Shoko now disliked the both of them intensely.

" What a brilliant idea," Kazuo responded as he ventured over to Shoko's neatly made bed.

" Hey, I was joking around, Kaz," Ryu admitted watching as Kazuo stood by the blue haired man's bed.

" I'm not," Kazuo smiled he jumped onto Shoko's bed and then posed rather cutely, his eyes looked over at the brunette beckoning him to join him. Ryu made his way over to the bed, his heart beating rapidly against his chest.

" Kaz, tell me… it's going to hurt, isn't it?" Ryu said quietly as he joined Kazuo on the bed. The blue-eyed model nodded before sitting up and placing a hand on the brunette's shoulder.

" Everyone's first time hurts," Kazuo explained he re-called the first time he had had sex with his first boyfriend, Ichiro. The blond caressed Ryu's shoulder with his hand in attempt to help calm the young man down.

" How old were you when you first 'did it'?" Ryu asked shutting his eyes a little as Kazuo massaged his shoulder.

" You mean with another guy… or a girl?"

" You saying that you've had sex with a girl? I thought you were gay? Or are you bisexual?" Ryu questioned.

" I'm gay, but I did lose my virginity to some girl when I was thirteen," Kazuo explained rather awkwardly as he wrapped an arm around the brunette's neck," And then when I was fifteen I lost my virginity to a guy."

Ryu was not so surprised to hear that the blond had lost his virginity at such a young age. The brunette himself had lost his virginity to his closest female friend one night; they were both on holiday with a few other mates. They had returned to Ryu's hotel room drunk after going out to some club when it happened.

" You're not frigid, are you?" Kazuo asked his other arm slipped around Ryu's waist.

" No, I lost my virginity to a close female friend when I was seventeen… but we were drunk- it was all a mistake."

Kazuo then lightly pressed his lips against the brunette's; he then moved his lips back and looked straight into Ryu's dark green eyes. The brunette was now looking a little lost and confused. Kazuo thought that Ryu was unsure on what to do; after all homosexual sex was far different to heterosexual sex. The blond moved his arms from Ryu then stretched himself across Shoko's bed. The brunette timidly crawled fully onto the bed then glanced down at Kazuo's nude body. The blond had a wonderful physique; he was quite slim but not dead skinny and was well toned in all the correct places.

" Are you going to stare at me like that all day?" Kazuo asked rather impatiently.

" A tempting offer," Ryu replied back, he could feel his organ swell underneath the towel that was wrapped around his waist.

" I want you to touch me," Kazuo forwardly ordered lifting shifting his knees forward as he widened his legs. Ryu was feeling dead nervous as he crawled between the blond's open legs, he then leant forward so that his chest was up against Kazuo's and that their faces were level. Ryu moved his lips forward so that they barely brushed against the elder boy's lips.

" Take of that towel," Kazuo then complained his eyebrows creased inwards slightly," The material is irritating me."

" What's the magic word," Ryu teased as he pinned the blond's arms down.

" I don't do manners," The blond said coolly with a small grin across his attractive face, as he struggled to get his arms free. The brunette grinned; he enjoyed having control over the cocky blond. Obviously, Kazuo did not like it one bit.

" I'll only free your arms if you say please," Ryu blackmailed amused with the elder boy's facial expression.

" Fine," Kazuo sighed giving in easily than the brunette had thought he would," Take of that towel… please." Ryu gladly let go off Kazuo's arms before he unwrapped the towel from his waist then threw it onto his own bed. The blond sat himself up with the brunette still in between his widened legs; he leant forward and started to kiss the younger boy with passion and enthusiasm. Kazuo then seized his opportunity to become the more dominant one as he kissed the brunette tenderly; he moved his legs away from Ryu then carefully enfolded his arms around the brunette.

" Wrap your legs around my waist," Kazuo whispered into the brunette's ear as he nibbled on his earlobe, he curiously brushed his tongue against the cold silver piercing on brunette's ear. The brunette moved his legs away from their kneeling positions then carefully wrapped them around the blond's waist. The blue eyed model grinned then carefully lowered the brunette onto his back making sure his legs stayed firmly wrapped around his slender waist.

" Ah, so you were trying to dominate me," Ryu sighed as Kazuo moved his arms from the brunette's waist then gave the brunette a small shy kiss on his irresistible lips.

" Yeah, I hate being dominated," Kazuo replied he planted a trail of butterfly kisses along the brunette's neck who arched his neck back so he could make things easier for the blond.

" Me too… although, I don't mind so much if you know what you are doing."

" Of course I know what I'm doing," Kazuo said rolling his eyes he then slid his tongue along the brunette's slender neck, he then added boastfully," I have done this many times." The blond then pulled back and starred down at the panting brunette for a few seconds.

" You flexible?" Kazuo asked as he placed both his hands on Ryu's well-built thighs. The brunette gazed up with his sparking green eyes.

" I've been doing martial arts basically since I could stand," Ryu explained while smiling," Of course I'm flexible." A smile of glee spread across the elder boy's face, he carefully unwrapped the brunette's legs from his waist then placed one leg on each of his shoulders. He then got into a kneeling position and checked to see if he was able to enter the brunette in that position.

" Is that uncomfortable for you?" The blond asked starring down at the elder boy.

" Not really, but maybe it'd be better if my legs were around your waist instead of on your shoulders," The brunette decided, the position they were lying in was pretty distant and looked like they were about to be filmed for some cheap porn movie. The blond placed Ryu's legs around his waist then lay down on top of the brunette.

" Then I'll lift stretch my legs up like this," Ryu explained as he stretched his legs out so that they pointed straight up towards the ceiling; the blond then told him to stay in that position as he climbed off him and hopped off the bed.

" Damn, you are flexible!" Kazuo said in surprise watching as the brunette casually and slowly started to force his stretched out legs towards his chest. The blue-eyed teen quickly hurried towards his bed and pulled his well-known bag out from under his bed.

Ryu sat himself up properly and starred over at Kazuo watching as he dug through his bag in a rather rushed manner. He soon found what he was looking for and ran back to where Ryu was waiting. With hardly any warning Kazuo grasped onto Ryu's erection, he slowly rubbed it up and down before he asked Ryu to move back into the position he was originally in.

The blond was still slowly running his hand in and up and down manner on Ryu's manhood after the brunette had got into the position that Kazuo wanted him to be in. The brunette was curious on why Kazuo had started jerking him off but soon realised why when he saw Kazuo dunk the fingers on his free hand into, what looked like, a tub of Vaseline. Throwing the tub aside, Kazuo carefully slipped one of his lubricated fingers into Ryu's rather tight lower entrance. Ryu felt a little uncomfortable at first but the feeling soon vanished when he concentrated on Kazuo's other hand, which was moving itself up and down his hardened shaft. He moaned out softly.

Kazuo then added a second finger into the brunette before he checked to see how the brunette was coping with all the stretching. He then added a third finger while still looking at the younger man and noticed that Ryu did not flinch at all. Kazuo withdrew his fingers then stopped pleasuring the brunette with his other hand.

" Kaz, go gently please," Ryu pleaded his green eyes starring up at the guy that he scarcely knew but felt some sort of love for. The brunette then started to wonder why he was allowing Kazuo to make love to him even though they hardly knew each other and weren't even a proper couple. However, Ryu knew it was too late to back out now when he saw Kazuo coating his well-endowed manhood with the lubricant he had. The brunette shivered as he felt the head of the blond's erection against his forbidden entrance. Ryu threw his arms tightly around Kazuo's slim waist as the blond started to slide into him.

" Relax, Ryu," Kazuo's sexy, deep and soothing voice whispered, he supported himself up with one hand as his other hand brushed against Ryu's damp cheek. The brunette cried out in pain as Kazuo pushed in further, his green eyes started to water as nothing but pain stabbed through his body.

" It hurts," Ryu whimpered closing his eyes tightly, a couple of tears slipped down his tanned cheek. Kazuo tried his best to soothe the brunette; he carefully wiped the tears away before he continued to push the remainder of his length into the distressed brunette. Once the blond was fully in he stayed still for a few moments allowing Ryu to adjust to what was inside of him.

" Want me to continue?" The blond asked after a few more seconds had passed.

" I do.. but it really hurts," Ryu explained, the blond then pressed his lips against his in hope that it would help brunette settle down a little. He then carefully shifted his hips upwards a little so that he pulled his erection halfway out of the brunette. Kazuo rubbed his tongue against Ryu's as he lowered his hips back down. The blond felt Ryu's fingers dig into his back slightly as he did so.

" Listen Ryu, it is going to hurt," Kazuo explained after he moved his mouth away from the brunette's, he pulled his hips up again and then down speeding up the rhythm steadily," But if you chill and focus on the pleasure rather than the pain you'll start to enjoy it."

" But it feels…" Ryu whispered, his speech trailed off when he felt an odd but yet pleasing feeling starting to build up inside of him slowly replacing the pain he was feeling. The brunette then panted as Kazuo sped the pace a little bit more,"… it feels so.. nice."

" It'll start to feel more than nice in a minute," Kazuo explained before giving the brunette another kiss on his widened mouth. Ryu shut his eyes as he tried to concentrate on the pleasure that was increasing every time the blond hit the right spot.

Kazuo was soon pumping in and out of the younger boy at a rather steady but quick pace, he could now feel his member swelling. It now ached with total desire as it pushed in and out of Ryu's tight entrance. The blond pulled his upper body away from the brunette slightly then gripped Ryu's throbbing erection with one of his hands.

" Ah… Kaz.." Ryu groaned out his fingernails started to dig into the blond's back once again as Kazuo started to lazily stroke his erection. Ryu was aware that Kazuo's body was growing hot as well as his own; he could actually feel the waves of warmth radiating from Kazuo's body soaking up into his skin.

Kazuo was now feeling like he was on cloud nine; it had been many months since he had last had sex with someone and he was savouring every moment of it. He was also debating on whether he should simply use Ryu as a pleasure toy or actually ask the brunette if they want to start a proper relationship. Ryu starred up with his green eyes and looked in the blond's bright blue orbs, which looked like they were in thought as he continuously grinded his hips up and down.

" Mmm.. Ryu," Kazuo then panted he leant forward and pressed his lips lightly against the brunette's. Ryu was now squirming in delight sighing out deeply as his groin started to throb with passion. He was feeling things that he had never felt before and had a feeling that he could never get the same feelings again if he was to have sex with a woman.

" Kazuo.. I.. don't think.. I.. I can.. ahh!" Ryu cried out, Kazuo felt that the brunette's organ was pulsation like crazy and knew that the brunette was about to come. Kazuo then gritted his teeth firmly as his orgasm started to build, his thrusts became more regular and searching. Ryu let out another moan of bliss as indescribable pleasure started to float through his body, he shut his eyes firmly and it felt as if he was flying for a few seconds.

" Don't hold anything back," Kazuo ordered lifting his upper body up and then pushing Ryu's legs back slightly so he was able to increase his penetration into the brunette," Cum for me, Ryu! Cum with me!"

" Ahh.. Kaz!" Ryu shouted out his orgasm exploded at its highest point, Kazuo's hand was then coated with the brunette's seed. Kazuo then sped up the rhythm that his hips were making, he made low gasping noises as his climax neared. Ryu shivered more and more as Kazuo's erection rubbed against the right spot each time. The blue-eyed teenager threw his head back, strands of his damp blond hair swished backwards as he did. He parted his perfect red lips and groaned out Ryu's name loud and clear. At the same time Ryu tightened around him, the brunette grabbed the bed sheets tightly as a satisfying feeling flowed throughout his body causing him to spasm slightly. Ryu then felt the blond's hot liquid fill him, some shot deep inside of him while a little leaked out onto Shoko's bed covers when Kazuo pulled out from him. Ryu sighed out as he did and then lowered his legs down. The blond collapsed onto the brunette in exhaustion, he ran his fingers slowly through Ryu's dampened dark brown hair and then rested his head on the brunette's muscular chest.

Kazuo was alarmed when he realised that Ryu was laughing lightly. The brunette still feeling slightly giddy from the pleasure he had experienced.

" Why are you laughing?" Kazuo asked sounding breathless.

" Wow, Kaz.. that was amazing," Ryu explained still chuckling a little as he spoke.

" I.. love you, Ryu," Kazuo whispered the sound of the brunette's heartbeat was soothing.

" Oh," Ryu said starring up at the wooden ceiling blankly, his smile had faded.

" You're meant to say 'I love you too'," Kazuo explained lifting his head up from the brunette's chest.

" What's the point of saying something that I'm not sure of?" Ryu asked he moved his glance to Kazuo's eyes that were filled with hurt. He tilted his head to the side in confusion.

" But we just… I thought you…"

" Please Kazuo, give me time to think about all this."

" Sure," The blond said before he climbed off the brunette, he walked into the shower room before he let the tears fall from his eyes. He turned on one of the showers and allowed the water to wash away the evidence from his and Ryu's lovemaking. Kazuo was now truly hoping that Ryu would return the feelings that he had for him; he truly did love the brunette and had decided that he wanted to start dating brunette.

" Dammit," Kazuo growled he threw his fist at the ever flowing water above him as he shut his eyes," I vowed that I was not going to fall in love with anyone here."

" You can't control love," A soft and gentle voice explained from the doorway. Kazuo opened his eyes and looked over coldly at the brunette.

" Are you still here?" The blond snarled in annoyance.

" Yeah and I've turned Shoko's covers inside out so he wont notice the mess we made." Kazuo did not reply he turned around so that he was no longer facing the brunette. A sickening feeling was building in his stomach when the thought of Ryu never loving him rolled around his head. Suddenly, Kazuo felt Ryu's arms snaked around his waist from behind.

" Listen Kaz, don't be annoyed with me," Ryu sighed his hands massaging the blond's shoulder blades," if you truly do love me then you'll let me have time to think about all this."

" But we just fucked, Ryu! Isn't that meant to be an expression of love?" Kazuo said but he did not try to push Ryu away from him. The brunette rested his head on the blond's shoulders.

" It wasn't a 'fuck', Kaz, it was something more than that- we made love," Ryu explained sounding calm and relaxed, "And it meant something."

" Ok.. So it meant something but you still need time to think about how you feel? Oh, that makes so much sense," Kazuo said sarcasm was evident in his voice; he turned around so he was facing the brunette.

" You'll understand why soon, Kaz," Ryu explained starring lovingly into the eyes of the blond's, he brushed his hand across Kazuo's cheek," And I can guarantee that the answer will be worth waiting for."

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