*A/N : This will be my first angelic type story, I will not really be basing it on factual stuff on heaven or religion, as you'll see I spelt heaven differently etc. It'll simply be a tale of forbidden love, pain, sorrow and adventure. Hope it doesn't suck too much ^_^

Angelical Chains
Part I

The girl danced to the music with little feeling, closing her deep eyes and letting her body just move along. It was just another pit of bodies pressed tightly together struggling to breathe through the bright lights and smoke filtering through machines around them. She opened her eyes again and smiled confidently across the way at her friend who was surrounded by beautiful men, she wasn't as beautiful or charming as her friend but she could hold her own as she turned her body and faced the dark clad males and females that danced near her. A pair of strong hands slid around her waist pulling her backwards against them as they swayed her close. She didn't care who it was; she closed her eyes, just as long as this feeling of nothingness could last for the night and take away her pain. That night couldn't last though, she did have a curfew that she had to stick to since she had work the next morning and she let her friend drag her away from the stranger's that beckoned her close.
Dana pulled her along the streets in the dark cold night as three of their roommates stumbled closely behind in giggles and laughs that echoed off the walls of the buildings around them. The girl smiled faintly catching bits and pieces of the conversations floating around them and leaned against Dana feeling weak from the many hours of dancing and the intake of alcohol of that night. It was stupid of her but it kept her mind off of things, it would help her heal in the end. She could suffer now. She slipped as her boot caught the edge of a storm drain, which caused her to stumble to the ground scuffing her bare knees against the pavement. She grimaced in pain and heard her drunken roommates behind her laugh in drunken amusement. Dana was the only sober one amongst them and grabbed her arm lifting her up. Blood dripped down her knee and she winced as she placed a hand to it.

"You're so clumsy, Kitti, that when you drink it's about a hundred times worse than normal. Sheesh!" Dana growled as she held Kitti up. The girl just smiled through her half-drunken state gripping onto her friend.

"S-sorry," she slurred, her blue eyes glazed over. Dana shook her head and helped her friend back to their house where the five of them lived. They were all college girls; working their way through and all shared common interests as well as the house. Dana's eyes failed to detect a form perched on a branch of a tree that stood near one of the bedroom windows of the house.

** ** ** *** **

It pained him to see the girl who went by the name "Kitti" to be suffering as she was. He had been watching her closely for a few months and she hadn't yet detected his presence due to amazing prowess, not counting the fact that he could vanish in thin air whenever he wish. His black wings folded against his back as he sat utterly still his greenish fixated on what lied beyond that window, the hue glowing ever so slightly. The small table lamp flickered on illuminating the room as Dana helped Kitti inside and sat her up on the bed. He darted around the side to hide his form from Dana his eyes still fixated on the room as she watched as Dana helped Kitti into her pj's. He held no shame in watching for he had his reasons, his human-like hands held tightly onto the branch, chains clinking together as he shifted ever so slightly. His wrists were chained together with bronze cuffs that hung down heavily. The light switched off and Dana left going back downstairs, Janus teleported himself back onto his original branch too afraid to move closer to the window. He could see her form laying under the covers her facial expression sad like the aura she was radiating. He glanced around himself quietly and then up at the dark lit sky almost as if he was expecting someone to stop him from moving closer to the girl. He smiled darkly as he closed his eyes and let his form fade from there and reappear into the girl's room. He stopped by her bed his eyes roaming over the canopy and then back down on the form that had once seemed peaceful. His throat tightened with pain as he blinked back memories that had once been, she was no longer who she once was but mortal. A plain mortal. His chains rattled again and he halted his movement, his body growing stiff as she stirred slightly. But then he truly didn't care if she woke up, he actually wanted her to but he couldn't wake her purposely. An image flashed through his mind causing him to stumble back, the long silver wings belonging to a beautiful female with deep blue eyes and then the look of horror on her face as her wings were torn from her body, bones cracking and blood dripping down her back. He could hear the scream in his thoughts, it echoed in him forever. A choked sob escaped his lips as he fell onto his knees in seeing it again. It was a tortured memory to see his beloved tortured in such a manner.

"Deviline." his voice whimpered as he reached out and gripped the comforter of the bed. His bright eyes focused on Kitti again. He pulled himself up and over beside her, running a hand through her dyed hair keeping his hands from touching her face. Deviline was turned mortal as punishment of the deeds that both of them had committed. They both were once angels and while her wings were torn from her body and she was forced to be removed from Shangri-La and reborn as a mortal far from Janus' eyes he was changed into a fallen angel and bounded by chains to search the world for his old love. He had dubbed himself Devili- Kitti's guardian angel even though he had fallen from grace. He still felt it was his duty to protect her only he wanted to be more than her protector. He had involved himself in her personal affairs, when her heart was broken he had avenged her without her knowing, when her life was threatened he took care of the matter in mere seconds but it wasn't enough for him. He wanted her to be his, he was jealous of anyone who was intimate in her life and his jealousy only added to his downfall of a fallen angel. His hands stopped inches from her face, aching from the inside, as he couldn't touch her skin. He frowned as he lay down beside her feeling her warmth radiate into him. He had to break the first rule; he sat up on the bed and straddled her sleeping form between his legs. His sin covered wings disappeared from his form as he lowered his body down to meet hers trying to apply as little pressure as he could and pressed his mouth to her own kissing her lips deeply. Through sleep she responded in kissing him back, her hands wrapping around his shoulders as his long silver hair swept over her.

"Janus..." His name echoed from her lips but it wasn't Kitti's original voice, it was Deviline's. His jaw trembled slightly his mind screaming for her. The kiss didn't end there; it ended when Kitty's eyes shot open in fear as a complete stranger was kissing her.