Here beneath the vaulted sky
Like a paradise world of dreams
Black fertile earth of unvalued worth
Keeps everything lush and green
A haven wreathed in flowers
Within this world of ours
And yet it goes unseen

The river bubbles from its source
And cascades down the fall
Rushing onwards with great force
Towards the ocean's call
Eternally it's flowing
Keeping all life growing
But no one values it at all

Beneath the birch and pines
Dwell the graceful deer
Dainty footed bucks and hinds
Watch me without fear
Each creature worth its merit
In this world we all inherit
But no one cares they're here

How can you see the sky through a window
Or experience the world behind walls?
If you stay indoors how can you know
What the world is like at all?
Discover the earth once more
Step beyond your door
Answer nature's call.