A/N: ~~This is a short story I hope everyone will read. It's about a young girl who had it too hard and got help from a special someone.~~

"Alright I'll see you after class," Erin yelled as she ran out for lunch.

"Ok," said Naomi.

Naomi walked down to her next class. She had forgotten her homewok (again) at home. She got a project assigned in the class before, so she started working on that. Naomi's teacher came by seeing her work on a different subject took her project and threw it away.

Naomi left the class crying. She didn't meet her friend after class cause her friend went to hang out with the popular people that day, which Naomi definently was not. She walked home alone that day. It started raining. This type of thing had been going on for 3 years off her 15 years of being around. She went into her room grabbed a knife and started crying.

The next day she went to school and avoided all her friends. She sat alone with a sad look on her face. She sat almost crying.

"She looks so sad," some guy said to his friend, "but she looks so cute."

"Go talk to her," his friend said.

He walked over toward her.

"Hi, my name is Alex," he said.

"Hello," she said.

"Hey, what's wrong? I just couldn't picture a cute girl like you being so down like this." he said.

"Yeah, my life has been preatty hard lately. I just need someone to either be with or talk to," she said.

"Hey, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me?" he asked.

"Oh man, sure" she said.

"Awesome," he said.

They both ended up being late to class that day because they talked for so long. Finally Someone cared about her. Her life was still as hard but she had someone to care about her if the problems keeps comming back. This was the begginning of a great time in her life....

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