That one word startled me out of sleep. I thrashed in bed kicking against the confines of my comforter.

I could feel her near , closing in, something scraped across the floor.


She stood over me her dark face framed by thick tresses of black hair streaked with red. The whites of her eyes burned in the darkness of my bedroom. I wanted to run , to get far away . But where ever I go she would be there.

I shake my head in confusion in horror in fear .

Who is she why is she following me, even miles from The Old House she could still reach me. Not just in my dreams anymore . She stood before me a solid apparition so real I could smell the dampness of her breath. The only emotion on her face is the question. Why?

Who are you!

Why are you haunting me !

Please leave me be !

I want to cry out. But she is deft to my tears.

My heart pounds in my throat as she stares at me , her sad eyes brimming with ethereal tears.


She screams in my ear, though her lips never moves, but I can feel the pain in her stance.

She's broken and confused , her hands start to shake and she looks at them in wonder.

Are those the same flaming eyes that have awaken me from my dreams. Filled with fear and confusion. She shakes, violently wracked by silent sobs.

She's afraid. "Why?"